The u s marine raiders

Additionally, during the same visit, the same 20 Marine Raiders were distinguished guests of honor at the th Marine Corps Birthday celebration on Kwajalein. The Makin Atoll is part of the Gilbert Islands, located miles to the south of the Marshall Islands and the site of the historical raid conducted by Marine Raiders. With the landing of Marines at Guadalcanal in Augustthe Makin raid was to be executed with the intent of distracting Japanese attention from Guadalcanal.

The u s marine raiders

Edit One of the deficiencies of the Fleet Marine Force was a lack of fast transport ships that could keep up with a Naval fleet. Until fast attack transports entered the Navy, either the fleet would have to keep its speed down to the speed of the transport ships, or the fleet would have to split in two components; neither option was desirable.

With the start of World War II ina group was formed to come up with a solution that could be rapidly implemented. The group found a large number of destroyers built for the First World War that were in the mothball fleet.

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These destroyers had four boilers and four smoke stacks and were fast enough to keep up with the fleet. The group discovered that by removing two boilers and smoke stacks room could be found to quarter a company of Marines who would be landed by inflatable boats.

The u s marine raiders

The APDs later had four Higgins boats attached to them. Carlson With America thrust into the war, the President became interested in creating an American counterpart to the British Commandos and the Marine Corps was the natural place for this organization.

Indeed, the commanding general of the 2nd Marine Division initially proposed the name "Marine Commandos". The Commandant of the Marine CorpsMajor General Thomas Holcombwas of the opinion, however, that "the term 'Marine' is sufficient to indicate a man ready for duty at any time, and the injection of a special name, such as ' Commando ,' would be undesirable and superfluous.

The debate over the creation of these elite units came to a climax when the new commander of the Pacific Fleet, Admiral Chester Nimitzrequested "commando units" for raids against lightly defended Japanese-held islands. The commandant selected the term "Raiders" and created two battalions.

The Raiders were created by an order from President Franklin D. Rooseveltacting on proposals from Colonel William J. Donovan and Major Evans F.

Roosevelt and his son James. Carlson resigned from the Marines to speak to American businessmen to warn them against providing materials to Japan. Carlson rejoined the Marines in Aprilgaining a commission from the Commandant as a reserve major. The Raiders were given the best of the Marines' equipment, and were handpicked from available volunteers.

The two units approached their common mission from different directions. Carlson used egalitarian and team-building methods learned from the Communists during his years in China: He also eschewed standard Marine Corps organization, forming six rifle companies of two platoons each, and innovating 3-man " fire teams " as its basic unit.

LtCol Edson is second from left in front row. Both Raider battalions were put into action at roughly the same time.


One of their most notable engagements was the " Battle of Edson's Ridge ", where the 1st Raiders, remnants of the 1st Parachute Battalionand the 2nd Battalion 5th Marines scored a major defensive victory over Imperial Japanese Army forces on the night of September 13— Out of the action both Edson and Major Kenneth D.

Bailey were awarded the Medal of Honorthe latter posthumously.

The u s marine raiders

During the raid, Sergeant Clyde A. These men were captured and later beheaded at Kwajalein. Deeming them "idle Marines", Admiral Richmond K. Turner decided to form them into a "2nd Provisional Raider Battalion" without consulting the Commandant of the Marine Corps. These battalions distinguished themselves in heavy combat alongside the 1st and 2d Raiders in the campaigns in the upper Solomons.

On March 15,the four battalions were organized as the 1st Marine Raider Regiment at Espiritu Santo, with Liversedge as commander and Carlson as executive officer.

LtCol Alan Shapley was named commander of the 2nd Raiders a week later and immediately returned it to a standard organization.The U.S. Marine Corps recognized the traditions and contributions of the Marine Raiders of World War II when it renamed the Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) Marine Raiders in And the newly renamed Marine Raiders were issued Colts.

U.S. Marines with Lima Company, Battalion Landing Team 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, stretch out after physical training on the flight deck of the USS Essex.

The WWII U.S. Marine Raiders and attached Navy Corpsmen earned 7 Medals of Honor, Navy Crosses, 22 Distinguished Service Crosses, Silver Stars, 18 Legions of Merit, 6 Navy and Marine Corps Medals, 3 Soldier's Medals, Bronze Stars, and 37 Letters of Commendation.

Sep 27,  · What do Marine Raiders do? Update Cancel. ad by Namogoo. Ad based monetization is getting replaced with subscriptions. Quora User, former Semper Fidelis! 3dSTA Hotel at U.S. Marine Corps () Answered Sep 28, · Author . May 16,  · When it comes to the U.S. military's special operations forces, names like Navy SEALs and Army Green Berets probably come to mind.

But the . "Edson's" Raiders of 1st Marine Raiders Battalion and "Carlson's" Raiders of 2nd Marine Raiders Battalion are said to be the first United States special operations forces to form and see combat in World War II.

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