The role of engineers in society

The term Engineer properly denotes a person who has received professional training in pure and applied science.

The role of engineers in society

Nothing is emotional, accidental, playful, by chance, by the way, by the mood. Had the laws of Nature been changing, there would have been no science, no material progress of human being.

Nothing in the least is immature, uncalculated, irresponsible, half baked, insecure or unwise. He is the Allah, the Creator, the Shaper out of naught, the fashioner. The then Governor Mr.

Professional Responsibility: The Role of Engineering in Society

Nehru gave at home at Rajbhavan to all the participant doctors. Of all the life on this planet, the man is the Supreme Creation of the Lord. He is a vicegerent — a Khalifa. The Angels acknowledged this. Man has many qualities which are latent or which he may wish to suppress or conceal, to his own detriment.

Again knowledge is already existing, we only explore it to claim to be scholars, scientists, doctors, engineers etc. Thus it is clear that man is just the custodian of Earth.

The role of engineers in society

On the contrary whatever is in or around the Earth, it is for the service of man. However the status of man as inheritor of the Earth belongs only to him, who is righteous, the keeper of the law, the self controlled one.

The evil-doers cannot in reality over possess the Earth or have power over it. Amongst the vicegerents khalifas i. While Allah creates, fashions things out of nothing. He has to say: Thus he has to prove worthy of the charge of a deputy khalifa bestowed upon him.

The Engineer is a professional, trained to create engineered systems for the benefit of mankind. Try to think of it for a while. The list is unending. Thus engineer has a role not only to benefit the society but also in the designing of the society itself.

Engineers, by the very nature of their work, have a responsibility to society. I had an opportunity to attend the 20th. Indian Engineering Congress in Kolkata in last December, where besides other things it was stressed in the presidential address by Prof Dr S.

The GDP is low. Small scale industries are few. Handicrafts are growing at a low pace. Though tourism is a potential industry, yet income from it is still marginal. Health services are inadequate.Further efforts are needed to integrate the important interdisciplinary elements of science and engineering and, equally important, the context of the practice and role of engineering in a technology-driven society in the curriculum.

Originally Answered: What is the role of engineers in the society? There are engineers in many disciplines, and two mainl uses of the term engineer.

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A railway engineer was one of two functions on the footplate, the other the fireman or stoker. * Civil Engineers have a major role to play in the development of a nation as they have to make the necessary infrastructure * serving the role of both client and professional in ‘progressing’ society * civil engineering professionals see their r.

The Roles and Responsibilities of Engineers Towards Implementing Sustainable Development Category: Philosophy, policy and practice ABSTRACT: This paper looks at what it means to be an engineer in modern society and the role that engineers.

Engineers have a wide range of roles in the modern professional society. Their roles are present on both spectrums of the private and public sectors. The main role in the public sector is to solve problems in order to bring a society together.

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Professional Responsibility: The Role of Engineering in Society