The pro and con staying on

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The pro and con staying on

Recreational goals travel, sports, hobbies Spiritual development Once you have listed all your goals, you can evaluate each goal and whether your marriage helps or inhibits you in accomplishing the goal. Obviously, when assessing factors to arrive at a decision, you will find that you place greater significance on some factors than others.

Your decision about whether to divorce or not will reflect what is most important to you. Outside Professional Help Discussing personal goals and reasons to divorce or stay married may also be something you can address with your spouse under the guidance of a marriage counselor.

Sometimes couples find that deep-rooted misunderstandings in their relationship are easily resolved by constructively communicating about their issues, especially when both spouses are striving to make the marriage work.

Also, keep in mind that any good marriage involves some degree of compromise. However, too much compromise may indicate that the relationship is not a good match. A common misconception is that you only need legal counsel after you have made a firm decision to divorce.

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However, consulting a lawyer also sheds light on legal matters that can help you decide whether to end or stay in a marriage. It is important to consider how you and your spouse will plan for and settle child custody, child support, property division or how the courts might rule on those issues, if you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement.

A family law attorney can explain the impact divorce has on other legal issues such as trusts, wills, estate planning or family business partnerships.

A lawyer may suggest a marital agreement, for example, which frequently resolves financial conflict by offering solutions both partners can agree on.

Marital agreements also have the advantage of putting decisions in place regarding assets and debts which would also lessen conflict should the couple ever decide to divorce. Short of divorce, there may be other legal remedies that can solve the problems a couple is experiencing. With access to a wealth of resources, many law firms are readily able to refer clients to financial consultants or marital counselors whose experience and training has guided married couples in either resolving their disagreements or helping them prepare for divorce.

The pro and con staying on

Advantages of Legally Planning for Divorce in Advance Obtaining a lawyer early in the process of planning for divorce can help you understand your rights as well as your options and put yourself in a better position to make informed decisions. From both a financial and legal standpoint, a lawyer can advise you on how to structure credit cards, real estate property and bank accounts along with your ability to establish separate credit.

You can review all issues your divorce would affect and determine a timeframe for your divorce that would best serve your interests.The longer you stay at a position, the easier it becomes.

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The pro and con staying on

Nikki Kearney is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer with over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry. A graduate of Penn State University, she is the author of "Makeover Your Kitchen, Makeover Your Life." Her work focuses primarily on showing clients how easy.

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