Romeo and juliet choice or fate

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Romeo and juliet choice or fate

This was certainly a huge risk because if someone would have noticed him under his disguise it could have had huge consequences.

At the ball he unexpectedly meets Juliet. He immediately falls in love with her.

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In this scene, it is clear that he acts rather impulsively. He attended the ball claiming to be in love with Rosalie; however by the time he leaves he is professing his love for Juliet. For I newer saw true beauty till this night.

Romeo and juliet choice or fate

They decide that their love is so strong that they must be destined to be together. Is Rosalie, whom thou didst love so dear, So soon forsaken? However, with Romeos persistence he decided to marry them anyway. In fact Romeo sneaks away and spends the night with Juliet for their wedding night.

The two lovers at this point show hat they have similar character traits: Juliet is also like Romeo in that she is impulsive and a risk taker: Romeo encounters a situation in which he finds himself in the middle of a fight between his best friend Mercuric and Table.

Mercuric and Table begin to fight; and Romeo steps in between them to stop it.

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However, Table stabs Mercuric under Romeos arm. Romeo then attacks Table and kills him. Juliet upon learning what happened to her husband immediately rushes to Friar Laurence asking for his help; insisting she would rather die than marry Paris.

Romeo and juliet choice or fate

Juliet in the meantime makes the choice to follow through with the plan, thus faking her own death. Her family is devastated to find her dead.

At this point in the story, you can see just how cunning of a character Juliet can be. Choose Type of service.Jun 11,  · Best Answer: One of the oldest and most debated questions of all time is whether our lives are governed by fate or by our personal choice.

William Shakespeare, in Romeo and Juliet, brings this question to the surface.

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Although fate seems to control what happens to Romeo and JulietStatus: Resolved. The Theme of Fate and Choice, in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet In William Shakespeare's tragic play Romeo and Juliet, there are four quotes about fate and choice.

The characters in the play choose their own fate, it happens because of their choices or actions. A narrative or story is a report of connected events, real or imaginary, presented in a sequence of written or spoken words, or still or moving images, or both.

The word derives from the Latin verb narrare, "to tell", which is derived from the adjective gnarus, "knowing" or "skilled"..

Narrative can be organized in a number of thematic or formal categories: non-fiction (such as definitively. Fate or Free Will - The first script play that we’ve discussed is Oedipus Rex.

Each classmates expressed their opinion about one of the three characters, Oedipus, Jocasta, and Creon, and how their action are either fated and free will. The prologue of Romeo and Juliet calls the title characters “star-crossed lovers”—and the stars do seem to conspire against these young lovers..

Romeo is a Montague, and Juliet a Capulet. Their families are enmeshed in a feud, but the moment they meet—when Romeo and his friends attend a party at Juliet’s house in disguise—the two fall in love and quickly decide that they want to be.

Fate in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, written by the ever-famous William Shakespeare, is an eloquent story of passionate love between two .

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