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Outline of the Programme — Each unit within the Diploma has a credit rating and to achieve the QCF Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and you must complete 6 shared mandatory units and further mandatory units according to which social care setting you work in along with a choice of optional knowledge and competence units equalling an overall 90 credits from several units.

Qcf 5 501

There is unit progression so that learning is cohesive and grading each unit allows the qualifications to reward the full range of ability in the Foundation Learning Tier and on into Level 2 irrespective of age. There is a particular emphasis on Open Systems and internet technologies to reflect the increasing importance of interoperability of information technologies in global industry and for consumers.

While units are not specifically dependent on each other, the rules of combination ensure logical progression, coverage of the statutory curriculum and economic assessment methods matching complexity to level.

The structure of the units enables a simple step into formal qualifications for those with little or no experience. This includes young children, the elderly and those with moderate learning difficulties promoting inclusion, the personalised learning agenda and life-long learning.

There are appropriate progression pathways for applied learning through participation irrespective of age, gender or disability. We ensure that learners can make informed choices about which technologies they use both at home and at work and are not limited by the economic cost of buying software or digital content licenses.

Preparing learners for technological change when most information is freely available from the internet, is key to 21st Century learning.

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Assessment requirements The assessment requirements are provided here. In general, the emphasis is on matching capability to criteria keeping evidence of that capability. Qualifications summary The qualifications available are listed in the National Register of Accredited Qualifications.

Qcf 5 501

They are summarised below.LEVEL 1 QUALIFICATIONS QAN Title Subject Area //3 Edexcel BTEC Level 1 Certificate in Art and Design (QCF) Art & design //9 Edexcel BTEC Level 1 Diploma in Art and Design (QCF).

The AIM Awards Level 4 Diploma in Interactive Design and Development (QCF) is aimed at learners who are interested in developing a new set of skills needed by creative industry employers: a fusion of creativity, technology and business.

These Transferable skills apply to all BTec apprenticeships in engineering at Level 2 BTec apprenticeship in engineering (Fabrication and Welding) 2 edexcel BTec Level 2 extended certificate in engineering (QAN ) 30 edexcel Level 2 nvq diploma in fabrication and Welding engineering (qcf) (QAN //5) Learners must do.

EAL/QDET2B/1 1 EAL Level 2 Diploma in Engineering and Technology (QCF) Qualification Code: //0.

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The learner is required to complete the three . The ILM Level 5 NVQ Diploma in Management and Leadership is aimed at middle managers with responsibility for substantial programmes and resources.

Qcf 5 501

It develops skills in strategic planning, strategic change and business process design alongside core leadership and management abilities such as inspiring colleagues and delivering results. Qualifications Updates 25 November Update. 28/08/ //5 LAO Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Active Leisure, Learning and Wellbeing Operational Services (QCF) - EXTENSION OF QUALIFICATION NOTICE.

(QCF) Replacement Assessment Materials Notice.

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