My own private idaho essay

In the script, Van Sant adapted the Scott character to that of a rich kid.

My own private idaho essay

Mike River Phoenixa teenage hustler given to bouts of narcolepsy, and Scott Keanu Reevesa slumming preppy prince, are huddled over a campfire.

The words and the barely audible sound of his voice, caught between hope and despair, speak to anyone ever ripped apart by unrequited love.

My own private idaho essay

For all its flannel and Gore-Tex, the scene is a startlingly naked expression of lovelorn longing. Van Sant attended the Rhode Island School of Design from to among his schoolmates were David Byrne and other members of the Talking Headsshifting his focus from painting to film partway through his time there.

The explosion of the sixties underground film scene was over, but Andy Warhol was still an influence, as were Kenneth Anger and other avant-garde film diarists who toted their 16 mm and Super 8 cameras everywhere.

Van Sant mixes and matches scenes of documentary-style realism My own private idaho essay campy musical set pieces, improvised dialogue with bowdlerized Shakespeare, dream sequences shot in grainy Super 8 with 35 mm vistas of the Pacific Northwest, and, on the soundtrack, Rudy Vallee with the Pogues.

The irony is that the narcoleptic Mike is among the most unconscious characters to ever hit the screen. Anything that reminds him of his lost mother triggers a severe psychosomatic reaction. The film opens on the road, for it is, above all, a road movie.

We look down a long stretch of two-lane highway, bisecting the desert scrubland, curving upward as it disappears into the distant mountain haze.

Like a shot, Mike skids into view. His cheek, with its ragged blond sideburn and faint tracing of acne, is disorientingly close. He looks down the road and decides he has been here before. Suddenly, Mike collapses in the middle of the road. He dreams a faded home movie of himself as a child, safe in the arms of his mother, a blowsy strawberry blonde with a Mona Lisa smile seated on the porch of a wood-frame house.

Clouds rush across the sky, salmon leap in slow motion upriver toward their spawning grounds, and Mike wakes in a Seattle hotel room, being sucked off by a balding, beer-bellied john.

Mike reaches orgasm and a wooden barn comes crashing out of the sky, splintering onto the highway. The son of the mayor, Scott is sowing his wild oats by hanging out with this group of homeless rent boys and turning the occasional trick himself.

Scott has also fallen into the habit of taking care of the vulnerable Mike. And Mike, more daring and desperate than those cowboys before him, risks, or perhaps courts, a repetition of his primal loss by confessing his love to Scott.

Sex was something that he traded in, so he had no real sexual identity. That was all it was going to be. He made the whole character that way.

Idaho juxtaposes the societal extremes of haves and have-nots. For the first time, Van Sant includes a leading character whose upper-middle-class origins correspond with his own.

The film climaxes with a double funeral. Eyes front, spines stiffened, the properly heterosexual Favor clan, now led by Scott and his wife, is desperately trying to ignore the carnivalesque spectacle taking place a few hundred meters away.

Threaded with home-movie images no filmmaker has ever been better than Van Sant at forging and integrating themMy Own Private Idaho is a crazy quilt of family romances.

It is the promise of America, chronically out of joint with reality, especially for its most vulnerable inhabitants. At the end of the film, Mike is once again alone, lying unconscious on the highway.

The occupants of the first car that stops steal his shoes and leave. A second car pulls up, and the driver gets out, picks him up, deposits him in the backseat, and drives off.My Own Private Idaho is a American independent adventure drama film written and directed by Gus Van Sant, loosely based on Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part.

“My Own Private Idaho” is an imaginary place where one is locked in the arms of love—that is, both protected and free. It is the promise of America, chronically out of joint with reality, especially for its most vulnerable inhabitants.

The weekly Kory covers, their images of the ballots camped at the end. · James Franco says he’s been obsessed with “My Own Private Idaho” since he was a teenager, which diversity essay for dental school led to esl course work proofreading services for masters “My Own Private River,” a remix of Gus Van.


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Groundbreaking and visually dazzling, My Own Private Idaho is a stirring look at unrequited love and life at society s margins. Mapping the spaces between fortune and degeneracy, Shakespeare and street cant, Europe and the Pacific Northwest, and gay and straight, My Own Private Idaho is the masterpiece by director Gus Van Sant/5().

In addition to this scene in My Own Private Idaho, the death of Mayor Favor at the end of the film draws comparisons with both parts of Shakespeare’s Henry IV in that Scott is now the respectable and wealthy leader that his father wants him to be, and he has successfully carried out as successor to his father’s legacy of governmental.

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