Gregg shorthand writing alphabet game

The system is written from left to right and the letters are joined. There are several others not shown, however. For instance, "please" is written in Simplified and back as simply pl, [12] and "govern" as gv.

Gregg shorthand writing alphabet game

Do you want to learn shorthand in 15 minutes instead of taking weeks of classes? Do you want to write in your journal in an encrypted way so the meaning is obfuscated? Do you want to take notes or just write in a cool way? I developed Ford Improved Shorthand when I wanted a fast way to write in my journal that kept my writing private.

I searched for various simple cypher systems including pig-pen encryption and others, but they were hard to read and difficult to learn.

I then looked into shorthand.

gregg shorthand writing alphabet game

I quickly discovered that existing shorthand methods were outdated and imprecise. That is when I decided to develop my own modernized and easy to learn shorthand method. Gregg is the most common type of shorthand and is the scrolling type most people recognize as shorthand.

This method is difficult to learn and very hard to read. It was never meant to be used to record information for storage. It was meant to be used for dictation that would then be immediately transcribed.


If someone were to write notes in Gregg shorthand and try to read them six months later it would be very difficult. The writing method is also imprecise because it uses sounds, not letters.

Many of the symbols also vary in size so one slash means one sound and a slightly longer slash another and an even longer slash means yet something else. If you do not keep your writing scaled the same it becomes hard to read.

It also omits vowels. Try writing down a password this way! Gregg was not going to meet my needs. Greeg Shorthand Example Pittman is another well known method. It is similar to Gregg in that it is a scrolling style which omits vowels. It also requires the use of a fountain pen to make thin and thick lines.

Teeline is a method that is still taught to journalists in the UK and widely used.About Gregg Shorthand Editor's Note A Talk with the Beginner The Alphabet Chapter I Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Chapter II Unit 4 Unit 5 Unit 6 Chapter III Unit 7 Unit 8 Unit 9 Chapter IV Unit 10 Unit 11 Unit 12 Chapter V Unit 13 Unit 14 Unit 15 Chapter VI.

Shorthand is written by sound; thus aim is written am (long sound of a), cat is written kat, knee is written ne. Since we are learning shorthand to save time in writing, it is necessary to ignore those letters that aren't pronounced. Shorthand for Beginners. Abbreviated writing was not invented with Internet chat rooms and cell phone text messages.

Shorthand has been and continues to be the abbreviated writing language of choice for professionals like stenographers, researchers and secretaries but is also used by students, businesspeople and. Unit 2 Transcription Key Reading and Dictation Practice Henry Hale led our team in the great game.

It was a dreary gray day but Len Allen made ready to take About Gregg Shorthand Editor's Note A Talk with the Beginner The Alphabet Chapter I Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3.

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Gregg shorthand is a system of phonography, or a phonetic writing system, which means it records the sounds of the speaker, not the English spelling. [16] It uses the f stroke for the sound in funnel, telephone, and laugh. [20] All silent letters are omitted. [16] The image on the right shows the strokes of Gregg Shorthand Simplified.

Gregg Shorthand Dr. John Robert Gregg (–) arrangement of the alphabet. It is necessary to have a clear understanding of the entire plan of In a series of articles on “Aids and Hindrances to Shorthand Writing” in Pitman’s Shorthand Weekly.

How to Take Faster Handwritten Notes Using Shorthand Techniques