Felons claw in handwriting analysis

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Felons claw in handwriting analysis

Wednesday, 28 March Companies can save money with the use of Graphology in staff selection: The selection procedure at an organization is supposed to be a highly important and sensitive process.

It requires immense care on the part of the selectors that they select the people who are best suited for that particular job. There are various tools and techniques that are used for this procedure. Though these techniques have been in use and have been quite effective, but these traits have certain drawbacks also.

felons claw in handwriting analysis

Graphology Handwriting Analysis can help in presenting a highly comprehensive personality profile of the prospective employee, which the other tools like interviews etc are not able to. Certain potentially negative traits can also be found out, which may prove to be detrimental in the long run and which may not be known initially, even with the help of the other techniques.

This certainly shows that graphology is an effective tool in selection. Handwriting analysis can be used at every level of hiring, from low-paying to high paying jobs, from non-skilled to highly skilled, and from clerical to middle felons claw in handwriting analysis top management posts. Another important benefit of handwriting analysis for personnel screening is in weeding out generally undesirable employees at the outset.

Even after hiring, graphology can still work. Promotions are one way in which handwriting analysis is used after hiring. A promotion is almost like applying for a new job.

Generally the skills, dedication, and integrity is proven, but whether or not the person to be promoted can handle new or more responsibility is unknown. Relocation evaluations are another way that handwriting analysis is used on the job.

Transfers, too, are almost like starting from scratch, and screening methods are perfect for matching the right person to the right location, especially if the transfer involves a promotion, as is often the case.

On management levels, executives are using graphology to help them get ahead and remain productive in various ways.

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These include preparation for dealing with business people from other countries and backgrounds; negotiations, such as mergers and acquisitions; and strategic planning. Outplacement is a relatively new area of business services. Outplacement departments of corporations or separate outplacement counseling agencies exist strictly to help terminated employees adjust to being fired.

Many outplacement facilities have handwriting analysts on staff or on retainer. The function of the outplacement departments or agency is now to find jobs for people who have been fired but to help them cope and evaluate their present needs in terms of reentry.

And now, according to The Wall Street Journal, Handwriting Analysis is being used by the big players in the US corporate world… a trend that can only grow as human resource managers have less and less time to assess the huge number of apparently similar applicants for each position.

More than five thousand U. Their functions include screening job applicants, evaluating candidates for their promotion and relocation, executive developments, colleague compatibility studies, partnership arrangements, mergers and acquisitions and outplacement — in short, any area dealing with people.

All types of businesses avail themselves of handwriting analysis — manufacturing firms, financial houses, service organizations, marketing corporations, government agencies, and law enforcement bureaus.

Handwriting analysis also called graphology, is scientific. The pattern of characteristics — potentials, traits, talents, strengths, weaknesses, emotions, orientations, intellect, values, and physical well- being — that make up the complex human being are all encoded in handwriting every time pen is put to paper.

Handwriting is comprised of many diverse elements — various strokes, such as I dots, hooks, t-bars, and loops — connected together to form letters, words, and sentences. When analyzed, these strokes can be decoded to reveal any and all of the aspects of personality. Graphology is not predictive; it is a means to evaluate personality accurately as it exists in the present, not in the past or future.

Moreover graphology is a self -validating science.Handwriting analysis wiki,how to change your handwriting and the meaning of handwriting. Friday, December 16, Learn Graphology, the study and analysis of handwriting. it doesn't mean the writer is a felon. If you find you have a felon's claw in your handwriting, however, it's time to think about what you're doing in your life to screw.

A claw is a stroke that comes down, rises up and curves gently towards the left forming a smooth and sharp curve as seen in the picture below.

A claw in a writing is an element of cheating. The larger the size of the smooth curve, the larger the intensity of the writer to cheat. Jul 11,  · It’s called the felon’s claw because it is found in the handwriting of prison inmates and the mentally unbalanced. Graphologist Andrea McNichol claims .

Mark Dehe, Certified Handwriting Analyst, gives us a detailed description and definition of a felon's claw: "A felon's claw is a stroke made from just about any letter that goes below the baseline and resembles a . Jun 23,  · Do you have the "felon's claw"?


It's another hallmark of the criminal, and it occurs when you bring a letter straight down, then attach a claw-shaped curve to its end- . Graphology - dangerous handwriting traits, stinger and felon's claw.

#DVAM - Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Graphology - dangerous handwriting traits, stinger and felon's claw. #DVAM - Domestic Violence Awareness Month Graphology, Spacing In Graphology, Handwriting Analysis, Handwriting Psychology #HandwritingAnalysis #.

Claw in handwriting: Check out strokes your partner should not have