Effects of watching horror movies essay

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Effects of watching horror movies essay

This made me wonder, what exactly is happening to us physically and psychologically when we watch scary movies? The physical effects of fear are pretty noticeable.

Effects of watching horror movies essay

Most people will experience an increased heart rate, and an increase of adrenaline. This heart rate between BPM is equivalent the heart rate of someone doing light exercise.

Other noticeable effects could be sweating, or crying, or shaking, which would vary for each viewer.

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While these physical effects are only temporary, there can be more lasting effects, like sleeplessness if the viewer is very traumatized after the movie. As for psychological effects, there are quite few more than you might think. The most obvious are anxiety and stress, which relate to the physical side effects because they can lead to increased heart rate and sweating.

On a neurological level, during the scary or suspenseful scenes in horror movies, there is increased activity in the amygdala, the part of the brain that deals with emotions, in this case, fear. Under more serious circumstances, horror movies can cause PTSD or desensitization.

As for desensitization, this would be more common in people who watched a lot of intense horror films starting at a young age. So if horror movies make us cry and lose sleep, why do some of us keep going back for more? This process involves what happens to us physically during the movie increased heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rateand how we were feeling on an emotional level.

If you had an enjoyable time, besides the fact that you were scared, i. As for his theory of Gender Socialization, the experience will depend on how your viewing partner reacts. In a study conducted by Dolf Zillmann, James B. Weaver, Norbert Mundorf, and Charles F.

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Women, in contrast, enjoyed the movie most in the company of a mastering man and least in the company of a distressed man. However, it significantly enhanced that of the low-appeal male companion. This also shows that this theory can have the opposite effect, and leave the viewer associating horror movies with a bad experience.

As for the Excitation Transfer Process, if the viewer has a bad time at the movie, i. In the end, no matter if you love horror movies or hate them, they affect you whether you know it or not.Horror films are much more scary than they were in the past. cinema his laboratory and said each film was an experiment in the interplay between a cinematographic technique and the effect it had on the audience.

And someday we won’t even have to make a movie – there’ll be electrodes implanted in their brains, as we’ll just press.

It’s typical for children to get nightmares from time to time, but watching scary movies can inspire bad dreams, according to Kids Health. Bad dreams can reflect the plot of a scary dream, and the typical horror movie characters, such as monsters, ghosts and aliens, can play roles in a little one’s dreams.

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Oct 24,  · I would like to portray the advantages and disadvatages of Movies on people. In general, we watch Movies for relaxation from stress, entertainment, and learning or reinforce one's linguitic skills in releative languages. Why Our Brains Love Horror Movies: Fear, Catharsis, a Sense of Doom Films like Paranormal Activity 3 still make massive box-office hauls, and science knows why. Imlove horror movies but after I watched them, I can’t sleep, I have nightmares but that still can’t make me quit of watching them. I agree with you about the physocological effects of these movie gender and specially because what the producers are looking for is the connection between what is happening on the movie and our daily life.

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I will explain in this essay my past experiences, feelings, responses, and fantasies while watching horror movies. My first horror movie, “Friday the 13th”, was at the very least a suspenseful movie that kept me on the edge of my seat. Effects of watching horror movies essay.

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