An introduction to the evolution to harley davidson

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An introduction to the evolution to harley davidson

Motorcycles Introduction The Harley-Davidson Sportster is an American motorcycle that was introduced in as a competitor for the high-performance bikes being produced by the British that were selling in the United States in huge numbers.

The look of the new, sportier Harley-Davidson was immediately reminiscent of the popular British bikes that were dominating the sports-oriented motorcycle scene in the late s, it had a very similar profile to the Triumph Thunderbird and proved to be very popular in the same demographics in the US motorcycle market.

The Ironhead cc V-twin engine had a 45 degree offset and could produce 40hp at 5,rpm, it had a top speed of somewhere in the mph range and a total weight of lbs. Somewhat amazingly, that Ironhead engine would stay in production for 28 years until it was replaced with the Evolution engine in A Timeline of the Sportster — This was the first year of the Sporster, it used the Ironhead overhead-valve engine, it had twin-spring rear suspension and was aimed squarely at younger people who valued speed and performance over everything else.

The Sportster was switched from right to left and many other bikes did the same, including the Norton Commando. This marked the end of the road for the now legendary Ironhead power-plant, after a remarkable 28 year production run. A new, weather-proof electrical system with fully-sealed connectors was also introduced, further improving reliability.

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This bike is a Sportster with some of the chrome, style and refinements usually only seen on larger Harleys. The battery was now enclosed, the bike also had a redesigned hamcan, transmission door and a new oil tank.

There were some other modest changes, making this the biggest update the Sportster range since the introduction of the Evolution engine in An all new electric system is installed on all Sportsters, larger brakes are now standard, keyless entry is offered, the Evolution engine has an increased compression ratio and ABS is offered as an option.

It has a retro feel, the cc engine and is one of the better looking modern Sportsters in my opinion. Forty-Eight The Forty-Eight is a further addition to the Nightster style Sportsters, it has a peanut fuel tank, wire wheels and a wider front tire.

It was introduced in and has sold solidly. XR These are reasonably rare now, they have an interesting history and even had some racing success in the early s when the model was released.

If you find one for sale you might want to consider snapping it up. XR This is the more modern, road going version of the classic XR In stock form they can be a little heavy and a little underpowered for any serious racing.

XL CH — As you may have guessed, this bike would be an off-road model with high compression pistons. XL X — This is a slightly cheaper, no-frills model.

XL — This is a standard Sportster with a cc engine. XR — This is a cc bike with flat tracker styling. XL — This is a standard Sportster with an cc engine.

Some argue that Harley V-twins are torque machines and as such, 4 speeds is fine. That said, I know many who love the longer legged ratios in the 4 speed.

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Chain VS Belt Belts were introduced in and replaced chains on all Sportsters, the benefit of the belt is that it requires less maintenance than the chain. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but neither has disadvantages that would be a deal-breaker for any rational person.

Almost all the other parts are identical. There are kits available to do this conversion, so what people on a budget often do is buy a cheaperthen save some money and convert it to a further down the road. Harley was careful to maintain its signature engine sound with the new induction system and no one will argue that the fuel injected bikes are more reliable, slightly more economical and perform better in cold weather.

An introduction to the evolution to harley davidson

That said, the carburettor Sportsters are fantastically reliable bikes so long as you take care of them. Ask the owner if all the systems are working and if there are any problems you need to know about.

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Conclusion As with any brief guide, this one should only be taken as a small part of your research when buying a used motorcycle.MILWAUKEE (February 21, ) – Harley-Davidson adds to the long legacy of its Sportster motorcycle line with the introduction of the Iron and Forty-Eight Special models.

The latest in a line of high-impact motorcycles the company plans to introduce by , these new high-bar Sportsters combine throw-back styling trends . Wear Test Comparison – AMSOIL vs. Harley Screamin’ Eagle SYN3 The introduction of Screamin’ Eagle® Synthetic Lubricant by Harley-Davidson® indicates the Motor Company has finally recognized the benefits of running synthetic motorcycle oil in their air-cooled engines.

View and Download Harley-Davidson V-­Rod Muscle owner's manual online. V-­Rod Muscle pdf manual download. Fact: The History term "All-Terrain Vehicle" or ATV is used in a general sense to describe any of a number of small open motorized buggies and tricycles designed for off-road leslutinsduphoenix.comr, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) defines an ATV as a vehicle that travels on low pressure tires, with a seat that is straddled by the operator, and with handlebars for steering control.

The Harley-Davidson Evolution V-twin delivers the company into a new era of prosperity and reputation for reliable performance. Example: 1HD1AAK11BYO The frame number is broken down like this: 1 HD 1 AA K 1 1 B Y 1 = Made in U.S.A. HD = Harley Davidson 1 = Weight Class.

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