Air france klm rulling the skies

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Air france klm rulling the skies

The worlds biggest airline by international passenger traffic, Emirates aims to add as many as 18 cargo planes to its existing fleet in Dubai. This is sending out alarm bells to companies already under pressure.


Freight capacity Qatar is rapidly increasing its fleet. The final total may reach 31 including the A passenger model earmarked for conversion. In expanding their freighter fleets the Gulf carriers are bucking a trend to focus cargo provision on the holds of passenger jets.

Even Lufthansa, the biggest cargo carrier among passenger airlines with a Fleet expansion has allowed Emirates, Qatar Air and Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways to add waves of frequencies radiating from their hubs, providing keenly priced connections to Europe, Asia, Australasia and North America.

The gulf carriers are financed differently and that makes it easier to add capacity than if one has to stand at the banks door.

Air france klm rulling the skies

Competition is welcome Air cargo volumes that currently account for just 2 percent of the global total are forecast to grow about 6 percent to Even though they are neighbours, Qatar Air wants to distinguish itself from Emirates.

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Air-France-KLM together with Delta, Northwest, and Alitalia, along with others are part of the Sky Team (20, 7% are the second on market share) In third comes One World (13, 5%) with British Airways and Iberia for example.

Air france klm rulling the skies

Since the group is going to buy more planes, it will be able to negotiate the 4 November, Monday 30th AF-KLM: Ruling the skies Strategic Management II prices with the providers. Another example of cost cutting concerns the diminution of the numbers of offices .

The leading group in terms of intercontinental traffic on departure from Europe, Air France-KLM is a major global air transport player.

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